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Downtown Manistee
Loans and Incentives

The Manistee Main Street Downtown Development Authority has a variety of programs for existing and new businesses/building owners looking settle in the Downtown Manistee District. There are local facade grant programs, which will allow you to potentially receive a 50% reimbursement on your complete project.  A variety of State of Michigan sponsored loans and grants which will reimburse and subsidize building/business owners for purchase/rehab based on a specific list of criteria.  For a complete list of state programs that are available to Downtown Manistee businesses, contact the DDA office for details.

Low Interest Loan Program

Did you know, the Manistee Main Street Downtown Development Authority offers low interest loans up to $10,000 for new and existing businesses looking to grow or settle in the Downtown Manistee Area.  Contact us for details on this program.

"Growing Manistee" Lending Program - Local Funding, Growing Local Business

Did you know, the Manistee Main Street Downtown Development Authority is partnering with West Shore Bank to offer new and existing downtown businesses low interest, fixed rate loans up to $25,000.  Contact us for details on this program.

Redevelopment Liquor License Program

In July 2015, the Manistee City Council passed a resolution establishing the Main Street Downtown Development Authority (MSDDA) Redevelopment Project Area.  This enabled the MSDDA to create additional liquor licenses in an area that currently did not have any available for new businesses coming into the community.  Contact us for more information.


Historic Vogue Theatre of Manistee:  The Vogue Theatre took advantage of all the potential projects and programs that the DDA had to offer.  From local programs to State level MEDC programs, the Vogue is one of the most recent success stories in Downtown Manistee.

The theatre is currently run by a small paid staff with the core of workers coming from community volunteers.  This business model was based on the successful model implemented at the State Theatre in Traverse City.

Prior to the opening of the Theatre, the DDA board had a variety of strategic planning studies done that included the Vogue.  These studies eventually led to the feasibility study that modeled the Vogue into the successful downtown business anchor it currently is today. 

$200,000 was contributed from DDA funding towards the success of the project.

Blue Fish Kitchen + Bar:  Blue Fish Kitchen + Bar was a unique success story for Downtown Manistee.  Through a study conducted by the Michigan Main Street Center for Downtown Manistee, a higher end restaurant/dining establishment was identified as "the number one need" in the Downtown Manistee Area.  The Economic Restructuring Committee of the DDA began actively approaching area successful restaurants that were looking to potentially expand into the Manistee Market.

Manistee's ER committee found themselves heavily engaged with the owners of Blue Cow in Big Rapids.  This fine restaurant was looking to potentially expand, and the progressive ownership of Blue Cow took on the challenge of rehabbing an iconic downtown building in Manistee back to former glory as a higher end dining establishment.

Blue Fish Kitchen + Bar opened July 1st, 2013, and has been a success story since. With fine fresh local food, Blue Fish draws patrons from all around the state.  The owners and DDA worked collaboratively together to bring in a variety of local and state wide grant/loans to make this project a reality.

$70,000 was contributed from DDA funding towards the success of the project.  The DDA was able to secure a $330,000 Signature Building Grant through MEDC.

Questions? Contact the  MS DDA: 231.398.3262