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Taxes, Ordinances
& Permitting

The Manistee Main Street Downtown Development Authority is a historic district and official DDA as recognized by both the State of Michigan and Local Municipal Government.  With that, the rules and regulations that govern this area in right to taxes, ordinances and permitting are all similar to the local rules and regulations outlined by the City of Manistee.  For details regarding specific areas of interest, see below


Q: I want to rehab the exterior of my building.. where do I start?
A: We recommend you start by contacting the DDA executive director as you may quality for certain local grant monies for your project and will also learn valuable information about the approval of exterior design standards required by the local Historic District Commission and DDA. 

Q: I want to move my business downtown... where can I find more about the zoning rules/regulations?
A: We recommend you start by contacting the DDA executive director or the planning and zoning administrator at the City of Manistee. Here you will discover any special requirements that are necessary for your specific building.

Q: I want to paint my building, or add a sign/awning.... can I just do this?
A: Re recommend you not just have a sign designed and installed, or paint your building without approval from the Historic District Commission.  They are required to sign off on ALL exterior building colors and design elements to ensure the quality of the downtown building stock is maintained. To learn more about this process, contact the DDA director, or City of Manistee Planning and Zoning Department. - SIGN PERMIT/GUIDELINES - Historic District Commission Sign Guidelines

Q: I am afraid if I rehab my building, my taxes will go up... is this true?
A: Not necessarily. We recommend you contact the DDA executive director and he can discuss a variety of programs that are available for those looking to substantially update the exterior of a building storefront.

Q: How can I check to ordinances that apply to my business or prospective business space in Downtown Manistee?
A: We recommend you visit the City of Manistee's official municipal government website: www.manisteemi.gov.  Here you will find links to ordinances and planning information that will assist you.

More Questions?  Contact  the MS DDA: 231.398.3262